YINKE Owner Reward Plan


1. Own any models of YINKE electric scooter.

2. Write stories, takes photos or videos according to our monthly topics.

3. Email to reward@yinke-mobility.com

4. Once your stories, photos or videos been chosen, we will post on our website and social media. And we will contact you for a reward vouchure.


First Activity (start time to be determined) 

3 Stories: Each with $50 reward vouchure

3 Videos: Each with $50 reward vouchure

10 photos: Each with $20 reward vouchure



Stories: Not less than 3 photos, not less than 300 words,

Videos: Not less than 2 minutes

Photos: No requirements


In each month activity, same owner can participate in all categories, but at most only 1 story, 1 video, 3 photos can win the prizes. And same photos with photos in stories can not award at the same time